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Spectrum of Modularity

This project explores how we can design glass-box scaffolding in physical computing tools that can fade as the learner becomes more expert.

BitBlox: Redesigning the Breadboard

BitBlox was a project creating and studying a modular solderless breadboard that is easier for students to learn

The MoveLab

The MoveLab was an interdisciplinary dance and computing workshop that integrated participatory design methods to help students create personally meaningful experiences


Teaching and mentorship is a large part of what I’ve done throughout my time at Georgia Tech and what I intend to continue doing once I graduate.


  • CS4460/6460: Introduction to Educational Technology
    • Summer 2016 || 22-students (graduate + undergraduate)
  • CS4001: Computing and Society
    • Summer 2015 || 40-students (undergraduate)

Teaching Assistant:

  • CS7455: Issues in Human-Centered Computing
    • Spring 2016 || 10-students (graduate)
  • CS4460: Introduction to Educational Technology
    • Spring 2013 || 45-students (undergraduate)
  • Teaching Assistant Orientation Fellow
    • Summer 2016,2017 || ~200-students (graduate + undergraduate)

Research Mentorships:

  • Neeti Pathak
    • M.S. of Computer Science, Georgia Tech 2016
  • Monet Spells
    • M.S. of Human-Computer Interaction, Georgia Tech 2015
  • Anjali Shankar
    • B.S. of Computer Science, Georgia Tech 2014


Curriculum Vitae

  • ksdesportes_AT_gatech_DOT_edu

  • Technology Square Research Building, 85 5th Street NW, Atlanta GA 30308